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No Blues Tonight, But Yes To A Contest Update

Not a lot going on in the hockey world, but the Jackets lost, so the Note are that much closer to leaving the basement. Assuming the loss in Detroit on Saturday goes as planned, a big game against the Kings on Tuesday could set up a potential "you suck worse than we do" face off against the BJs. Winner goes to 29th, loser gets 30th.


It's getting hard to be positive up in here.

Detroit on Saturday. Hmm. Not good for being positive, either. But hey, lightning could strike, right? Well, maybe if lightning were to strike the Wings' locker room right before the game and kill everyone inside.

Contest Update!

Thanks to all who have sent submissions. I'm going to leave this open for a few more days, as I hope to get more after Tuesday's game. But just to let a few of you down easy, "Stempy" will not be winning. Yes, it's the most obvious, but the most obvious will not be rewarded here. In fact, obvious will be punished here. So shame on you, Mr. "Stempy would be awesome!". Isn't it obvious that the kid has been called Stempy since he was probably nine years old? How is that going to win a contest? Feel shame, you.

I don't want to tip my hand too much, but the current front runner went right off the board for hockey nicknames, but it still ends in "ie/y". The difference? Funny, functional and it's about a million times better than Stempy. Plus, if his teammates ever hear it, they'll probably use it, too.

So, you all still have a chance at that coveted "Contributor" credit (and the t-shirt to be named later) , but you better have an ace or four up your sleeve if you want to beat the frontrunner.

By the way, look for more contests in the future, as this one has been pretty fun for me.

Later skaters.