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Went To The Last Game Where I Won’t Be Selling A Paper.

By gallagher

Went to the game tonight and it reaffirmed everything for me. I freakin' love this team, regardless of how 4th line they all seem to be. I love these fans; the ones with the mullets and warts and the ones with the their slick haircuts and leather jackets and the ones with the bored girlfriends and drunk buddies in Hawks' jerseys and their too many beers and their scary pessimism and frightening optimism. All of 'em. I love all of 'em.

Jeffio and I made the trip together and I got to meet Dennis the Scalper. Mark the Cop. Tina the Wife (hardcore fan unto herself, regardless of her hockey-smart last name). Deanna the barmistress of GNR fame. Bob the 14th and Clark security. Carl the in-game music superstar. Randy Karraker. Bob Plager. Chris Kerber. Guy. Beth the lawyer who couldn't believe the Blues lost. And so many more.

To his credit, Jeffio did me the ultimate favor. He introduced me to all of them as the next guy to put out a paper. His stamp of approval is huge for me. And you know what? I was blown away by the passion for this cruddy team that I saw from all of these people. Plenty of expletives. Plenty of bitching. But overall, it was support. Except for maybe Dennis, who really just wants big crowds to create more demand. Selling tickets for 10 that he's already got nine in is no way to do business.

Without wanting to expose too many of these people, I just want to say thanks to so many of them.

Everyone there and their excitement motivate me. I have three new columns after just tonight.

But first, I have to get ready for some games.

See you Friday.