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Blues Beat Wings… And I Missed The Game.

By gallagher

I've put off posting about this game for one simple reason.

I missed the game entirely.

Due to the pre-game knowledge that the Blues were going to lose, the presence of my out-of-town sister and brother-in-law and the dinner reservations made by the wifeditor, there was not really a worry for me. What would I miss, anyway?

Damn. So, until further notice, the wifeditor and I will not be going out on game days. I hated to let her down like that, but thems the breaks. These free blogs don't pay for themselves, you know.

But, here's the best part; here come the St. Louis sports fans! Huzzah! The same guys who were firing off the "da Bluez Sux" emails and message posts are now crowing about the winning streak. Slow down, fellas. Two in a row is technically a winning streak, but let's go easy until it becomes a streak that maybe other cities might notice. IF we get a win on Tuesday and IF we follow with a win on Friday in Minnesota, THEN I'll be happy to talk about a streak. Four wins before hosting the 30th place Blue Jackets (woo hoo) is the verge of a streak.

Interestingly, I find myself tempering folks now, when I've been the only optimist at the funeral for weeks. Pretty great.

In unrelated news, I'm done waiting. The official announcement of the winner of Game Time's first contest, "Give Stempniak A Nickname", will be tomorrow.

Also, look for the first Game Time interview in one of the next issues. John Buccigross of ESPN and the now-deceased "NHL2Nite" show will be answering a few questions about the new NHL, the Blues, music and Shjon Podein.

later skaters,
-Sean "two is a start, not a streak" Gallagher