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Blues Lose To Wings; GT Publishes First Issue.

By gallagher

Well, THAT sucked. Losing to the Red Wings is similar to the dreaded prostrate exam. You know you're gonna lose and you know it's inevitable. Keep looking at the calendar, and that thing keeps getting closer and there's not a damn thing you can do to stop the Red Wings/Dr. Jellyfinger. Plus, no matter how much they tell you to relax and it'll be over quicker, it's still painful and anything but over quickly.

I could go on, because, really, this metaphor is writing itself, but in the interest of not making the Blues and my/your colon any more similar than they may already seem, I'll stop for now.

Needless to say, I don't care how hard the Blues came out in the first period, grittiness will only hold off superior talent for so long. It's hard to admit, but those cursed Wings are clearly better than our Blues. Again.

Although, I did like to see Doug Weight all fired up. When we traded for him, I made the prediction that he'd become a fan-favorite. I'd seen a lot of his work in Edmonton and his grittiness and slick playmaking were going to go over HUGE in this town. But he's only shown flashes of that guy since he got here. I'd like to think my prediction could still come true, but I don't really believe it will. Last night's grittiness was a flash, but it didn't accompany and flashy playmaking. And we've seen very little of either this year. I have more theories on Doug, but that'll have to wait for now.

On a more positive note, I got to meet a bunch of you at the game, as I was out selling the GT at the Metro stop. I really can't explain how cool it was to meet you and to trade you my work for four measly dollars. Here's one I'll never forget: the very first copy that I ever personally sold was paid for in Sacajawea dollars. Now that is memorable.

One other memorable takeaway was looking across Clark to see a guy in a Yzerman sweater reading the GT. Then I saw him laugh. I wish I knew what he was reading at that moment. I like to think it was Robb Schuneman's two page diatribe about why he hates casual Red Wing fans.

I also got to be on the post-game show with Randy Karraker, who was amazingly accommodating to me. Hopefully, we'll get to chat again. Also, thanks to the fan who not only bought the paper, but who also called into the show to ask me a question. I'm truly humbled.

We'll be back out there on Thursday, so I'll be looking for you. Hey, at least the Hawks suck, right?