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Blues Finalyy Win A Game They’re Supposed To Win.

By gallagher

Finally winning a game they are supposed to win, the Blues looked like the hardworking team that has been advertised this year. Of course, the Jackets played just last night in Minnesota before travelling here over night. They also lost Manny Malhotra and Gilbert Brule to injury last night and played some guys named Joe Motzko and Geoff Platt in their place. Zherdev still looks uninterested and Fedorov is still ineffective. On top of that, the goalie, Pascal Leclaire played his first back-to-back games in the NHL.

So, the Blues are supposed to win that one. But, there were some positives to take away from the game on top of the two points.

One, that Wideman kid looks like he's settling in. Got his first NHL goal and looked solid defensively. As I've admitted before, I don't follow Blues' prospects much, but this kid strikes me as a player who could stick here. Of course, I keep saying that about Peter Sejna, too, and he's back in Peoria again.

Two, Dallas Drake made the fans at the rink get on their feet and scream their guts out during a penalty kill. He blocked several shots, all of them blistering, and was seemingly killing that 5-on-3 by himself. That's the Captain. That's the guy I was telling you about. I hope he can keep it up and make my post from a couple days ago the kind of thing I deny having written.

Three, Simon Gamache got his first goal of the year in his first game wearing the Note. After I've been bashing him for three straight days. As I told my buddy, #8, tonight at the game, I'm not ready change my stance on him yet. He's got to score more than one goal for me to switch from 'fourth liner' to 'offensive spark'. It's just a rule I have.

Four, Tkachuk with three points tonight and he played well with Weight. I still believe that he'd be better off with Cajanek and Weight would help keep McAmmond productive. Barring that, I'll just be happy to say that I saw Tkachuk looking dominant again. Against the Jackets, yes, but still, he was dominant.

Now, the Blues have a few days off, as the next game isn't until Tuesday against the Islanders. Because of the new scheduling, this is the last time we'll see the Islanders for three years, so expect the crowd to contain every transplanted LonGilandah who lives within 300 miles in the building. Since there won't be much Blues news unless the current rumors about a pending sale come true, I'll try to get some new content here for you. Which reminds me....

Game Time News

The website is getting better every day. I know from the hit counters that people are looking for more articles and I will have them up shortly. In fact, I expect the first items will get on there starting Friday night. My webmonster has been busting his tail to get us to where we are, and I highly recommend his services. His link is on the bottom of the homepage if you need web services.

Anyway, look for our archived articles to start hitting the site throughout the weekend, followed soon by our message board, where you can slam me, bitch about the Blues or just troll for trouble with my writers, who will be checking in there often.

In other news, Game Time subscriptions are available by email for those of you who like what we do, but don't get to every home game. When you subscribe, you get an email on game days a couple hours before the puck drops. The email will have an Adobe Acrobat attachment that you can download for the game. The file is exactly what is sold at the games. The cost for the rest of the season is a bargain basement $56. Playoff issues will be free. Insert your own joke here.

Hard copy subscriptions are also available, but they are slightly more expensive due to printing and mailing costs. They are also slightly less useful, as they won't arrive until a couple days after the game is played, since our issues aren't completed until game day. But, the option is still available. Email if you are interested in a subscription.

Thanks for all the support, check the website this weekend for stories, and hope for another one of those euphorious two-game win streaks come Tuesday.

Later skaters.