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Just A Couple Random Notes.

By gallagher

The Blues play a couple roadies before they come home on New Year's Eve, so check out the message board for Game Time threads on the actual games. They are starting slow, but I think they'll be a fun place to be soon enough. For some reason, making wise-ass comments and crazy-ass predictions during a game is entertaining. More fun than making them to your asleep on the couch wifeditor. Or so I've been told. By others who have wifeditors.

Moving on.

I may be stealing this from Blues Blog Brad, but, can't we all just agree that the guy who gets elected "Fan of the Game" at every home game is just a giant tool? I saw the Fan of the Game on Monday as he was seated near me. He had a helmet on and was carrying a Blues-adorned, home-made, cardboard 'n foil Stanley Cup replica.

So, that, by itself, is really funny to me. But when you're clearly chasing the cameras around and trying to get on TV and to get the FoG award, well, funny turns to lame pretty quickly. If I see that guy getting wasted and sitting with his arm around his leaning tower of foil in the next seat, he's hilarious and he's got a good sense of humor. Especially since he's watching his team get pummeled 6-1 and being sent back to last place in the whole league while he non-chalantly drinks beer and wears a helmet and cradles a faux Cup. Hell, that guy probably becomes a friend of mine. But this guy is not.

Once he starts chasing the cameras though, he goes right into the Sad bin. Funny v Sad. It's all in the execution.

Meet The Staff

Chris Gift, our lone every game columnist, will be out selling papers on Saturday. Chris is a great guy and has written some really funny stuff for us. He's also written some stuff that is pretty heartfelt. Which is a definite zig for the Game Time's usual zag. Anyway, for those of you who like Chris' stuff and would like to chat, he'll be out at the SW corner of 14th & Clark streets (where the Metro comes out) on Saturday afternoon hawking the paper. So, if you like his stuff, or if your boyfriend has a jersey that has "Chuckers" written on it, stop by and say howdy.

And Finally...

If you're carrying around a partial six-pack of 16oz beers in a plastic ring...that's as close to '70s Burt Reynolds as you can get nowadays, right? I mean, I'm not trying to be like '70s Burt or anything, but, it's definitely close.