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Blues (almost) Beat Rangers (!)

By gallagher

I was acting like a maniac tonight. I was talking to someone who had just bought a paper from me before the game and I said, "this would be a big win for us." Normally a win over an eastern team is not a big win. Really, who cares if you beat the Rangers? It doesn't really prove much. But this year, with just five wins (two of which are against freakin' Columbus), a win against one of the best teams in the league would be a big win for the team's confidence.

And they almost did it. They battled back from 3-2 (and shorthanded) to tie. And they scored with 7.8 seconds left to tie it at 4. The pulled goalie and everything.

So, I went a little nuts. Up in the Top Shelf, I was talking to Gift and his buddy, who was admittedly not a huge hockey fan, and I was anti-social as hell. Kept stopping mid-sentance to watch play. And I jumped up and down like a wild man when that goal went in with 7.8 seconds left.

For a last-place team. I went ape shit again. I'd do it again, too. 7.8 seconds? That doesn't happen for us, it happens against us. So, what the hell, let's go crazy.

I gave a paper to a guy up in the Top Shelf who had on the leather coat with a Bluenote on the back. Now, that is a fan. I love the Blues and all, but a leather coat is a commitment. Plus, as an added bonus, dude was yelling at his girlfriend/wife/whatever after the goal because she was putting on her coat (sans Bluenote) and telling him that it was time to go with 27 seconds left in the game.

So, good for that guy. How pissed would you be if you've spent a ton of cash on a Blues leather bomber and then you leave 20 seconds before the Blues score a pulled-goalie equalizer with just 7.8 seconds left? You'd be pissed. I don't even want to think about how far that woman would have had to walk if that had happened, because she wouldn't be getting a ride from him. So, that dude gets a paper. I hope he enjoys it. I bet he does.

I'm overly optimistic, we've established that. So, maybe this isn't surprising, but I had fun tonight despite the loss. The Blues played a good game and coulda/shoulda won. Lost on a horrible goal. But when you only have 5 wins, a point for the OT loss feels just fine. Jagr and his traveling euro band could have kicked the crap out of these guys and I would not have been surprised. Instead, we had a good effort.

And leather jacket dude didn't leave 19 seconds too early. So good for both of us.

Oh, and two last notes. Thanks to whoever it was out there that gave the tickets to Amy. You got two GT people in and we appreciate it.

Lastly, got paid in Sacajaweas again tonight. I didn't even know they were around anymore and yet I keep getting paid in these things. Not that I'm complaining, I just find it quirky.