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Notes From A Game - Leather Coat Guy and High School Hockey Kid.

By gallagher

Did you think the Blues would win tonight? Of course not. I mean anything can happen, but really, the odds were not leaning our way. No Tkachuk, yes rookie goalie, yes Forsberg. No Blues. Sorry.

But there were some good moments. I wrote them down on my GT so I wouldn't forget them. I left the game and went to a notoriously wild Christmas party, so I knew I'd forget some crap. Wild party in the suburbs. I have to add that while it sounds like I'm being sarcastic, I', m not really. Someone literally brought their own table to the party so they could dance on it. I'm not even kidding. How prepared are you for a party when you bring your own table? People also ended up on the kitchen counters and on the kitchen island because they didn't fit on the imported dance table. So there. I'm not always being sarcastic.

Anyway, some notes.

I spotted my first Wideman jersey tonight. Sitting right in front of me. That's pretty wild because as good as he's been, he's still a rook. What's the over/under on how long before the first Stempniak jersey gets spotted. How long before we see a Dutchie 12 jersey?

Selling GT is weird, because you start to profile people. Younger fans, like in their lower 20's, almost never buy. That I understand. In my lower 20's, every dollar I have is committed to pre/during and post game beer cash. If I come up short by $4 on my last beer run, I'd be pissed I bought that bitchin' ass program. Yes, I'm in the know. No, I cannot pay for these beers.

You know who else doesn't buy GT? Guys in leather jackets. I wish I knew why, but you dudes just don't buy GT. Did you spend all your cash on the leathah? Are you too cool to buy from a street vendor? Are you just a dick and I never realized there was a leather coat/dick corollary? I have no idea. I just know you cow-wearin' bitches aren't buying GT.

Videjumon - pokey. Sometimes I shouldn't try to write notes on the way home. I have no idea what this one is. Unless I promised some dude named Videjumon that I'd put him in print.

Although, Videju does remind me that I did get some compliments on the website tonight, so I appreciate that. I also got the coolest compliment on the paper tonight, too. Regulars usually tell me that they like the paper and whatnot, but this one takes the prize for now.

"I always get the paper. It's righteous."


One last note for tonight. High school hockey player: I'm sure you and your team are very good, but you are not as good as the guys you are watching. Stop commenting on, "no! Why do you make that pass? You suck."

And "no, why do you shoot then? A wrist shot on your knees? No!" Look, dickwad, even if you are on the best team in the area, and I bet you are not, even the worst Blues player you see tonight is 112 times better than you. Your high school career will likely lead to a club hockey career down at Mizzou, followed by your exemplary years with a rec league here in St. Louis. These guys were getting drafted by NHL teams at the same age that you are now. They are better than you. I'm sorry, but it is true. Try to enjoy the game a little more and complain a little less. Look around for the fun stuff. Hell, there's a guy wearing a Wideman jersey just three seats down from you.

Let's all agree to enjoy the details and not worry about the generalities of Blues hockey right now.

Merch and Message News

Our new merch people are working away on a logo as we speak. If we get a prototype that needs some work, I'll post it ad get your feedback. If it rocks, you get no vote, we just go with it. I have gotten enough pressure to finally start the messgage board. I didn't want to start it up until we had some sort of following, but there are actual requests for it now, so it will be.

We have eight days until the next home game, so I have a lot of time to work on the stuff that is open, so you'll see some more message board stuff, some more blog stuff and some more, well, righteous stuff.