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Why Me?

By Brad Lee

If you've found this site, that means you're probably a reader of Game Time. Good for you. Obviously you have taste. And four less bucks to spend at Savvis Center. I'll try to make the introduction quick so I can get to a real post, but sometimes, I'm wordy.

I'm pretty much a regular guy. I am obsessed with sports and I love the Blues. I remember the first time I really paid attention to the Blues was in the second round of the 1990 playoffs. Against Chicago, the Blues sent the series to game seven with a big 4-2 win at home only to lose 8-2 in Chicago. Kind of symbolic. The franchise gives you some hope and then crushes it.

At that time St. Louis didn't have a football team and the Cardinals were still owned by the brewery. That's when Bryn Smith was a marquee free agent signing. The Cardinals finished last during a dreadful season around that time. Simultaneously the Blues were spending money, Brett Hull was scoring goals, Ron Caron always had meat on the burner. The team wanted to win, and would do anyting to win. That's how I got hooked.

How many other fan bases would love the playoffs every season since 1980 - the longest streak in pro sports. But with the Blues, we see it not as a positive, but a sign of futility. In reality, only a handful of those squads had a chance to drink from the Stanley Cup.

When you get down to it, I'm a fan with some writing experience and a love for this team who happened to write an e-mail to the editor of a feldgling hockey paper hoping to write a few Top 11 lists poking fun at Larry Pleau and Keith Tkachuk's weight. Now I've got this forum to tell you what I think about team every day if I want.Here's what you need to know about me. I'll watch anything sports related, except the NBA outside of the playoffs.

I have a beautiful daughter who was born on 5-5-05 and Albert Pujols, No. 5, hit a grand slam the first Cardinals game she attended. That's karma right there. My wife lets me get away with too much sports obsessing. I take wins and losses personally. My favorite Blues in no particular order have been Scott Stevens, Curtis Joseph, Bob Bassen (the first time around), Peter Zezel, Adam Oates, Chris Pronger, Al MacInnis, Harold Snepts, Bernie Federko and some guy named Hull. I hate everything Red Wings related and Mike Ricci can suck it.

Lets have some fun.