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Stars at Blues

By Brad Lee

Ok, that was depressing. Alrighty boys, way to put on a show for a good crowd.

The people sitting around us were downright negative. During part of the game it sounded like a mighty mites' game. "Oh, good try! Keep skating! SHOOT! No, the other way!"

I heard some guys say they were done for this year, no more money spent at Savvis on this team. Of course they were wearing leather coats, so you probably know how Gallagher feels about those guys.

Worst part of the game for me, other than the half dozen goals, indifferent play, lack of effort, general sloppiness and the shell-shocked look of both Cash and Divas, was the wearing of my new sweater. Santa found something nice for me this year. Under the tree was a Mitchell and Ness throwback from 1981-82 with No. 24 on it. Oh by the way, it's authentic with the elbows and a fight strap. Thank you e-Bay.

After looking at the Stars online before the game, I was torn. I didn't want to break out the new game gear on a night I new was going to be a struggle to just stay competitive. But I had to put it on. After the fifth goal, the guy behind me tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Hey, nice jersey. Are you sorry you wore it to see these bums?" I think I shrugged my shoulders and muttered, "Uh, it's new. I wanted to wear it." It was almost like I was emberassed. Thinking back, I'm mad at my reaction. Here's why.

If you haven't read Bobby Plager's book, go get it. He tells some great stories about the early days of the franchise. One that sticks out, other than taking rookies out snipe hunting in Eureka, is from the first year. After a bad loss, one of the players on the new team threw his sweater down on the floor of the dressing room in disgust. One of the veteran players immediately swooped it up and said, "you treat the Blue Note with respect! Don't ever let it touch the floor." Amen brother.

This season has a long way to go. I don't like sitting through shutouts waiting to see how much fight is left in this team anymore than the next guy. But the Note is part of who I am. As silly as that sounds, I've stuck by this team when it was trendy with Brett Hull and Shanahan and Pronger. And I'll stick by the team when it is Dennis Wideman, Mark Rycroft and Cash. Anybody who doesn't get that, just move on. We'll be waiting for you when the team is cool again.

One more note, yes I wear jerseys to games. I have my batting practic Scott Rolen, my Steven Jackson Rams jersey and a growing collection of Blues sweaters. The list includes a road blue early 1990s sweater before the clown suits that doesn't fit anymore but is still one of the best sweaters ever designted, yes, a Gretzky clown suit in mothballs, a white team USA Tkachuk, a white MacInnis with a weird stain near the note, a blue post-captain Pronger and now the throwback Federko. I'm not sure why I just wrote that. Mabye it explains why I stayed til the final horn, why I'm thinking about stories to write for the next couple Game Times, why I'm looking at their schedule to make sure I see the next couple road games. Those jerseys say A) I probably have no fashion sense, B) My wife is good to me and my sports obsession C) I'm with the Blues no matter what. But trust me with my jerseys, the Note never hits the floor.