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Odds & Ends.

Islanders v Blues just got interesting as Tkachuk buried one. We'll have to see. I have a good feeling about the Rangers game. It might be well attended and might, just might, remind us of what it was like when that building used to be full.

Looks like we got another wiseass on the staff, as Brad Lee writes for GT for the first time tonight. Anyone who can get a Towel Boy blast and call for jihad on the Cotton Eyed Joe guy in the same article is a guy I want on the team.

The Rink Rat looks to be a dead column, as my former columnist has gone unaccounted for. His spot will be replaced by Chris Moresi, Brad Lee and others as space permits. You can find the Moresi and Lee stuff in the Rink Rat section on the main page. I will be updating new articles the day after game days.