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Lightning(s) Beat Blues

By gallagher

Technically, the Lightning should have to be the Lightnings. The Avalanche should have to be the Avalanches. Teams are groups of people. They are Blues. They are Jackets. They are Rangers. They are not Lightning.

Meanwhile, the Blues blew another third period lead to the Lightnings. How many times is this going to happen before the Note realize that teams can no longer sit on leads. Since you can't hook and grab and otherwise mug guys who may or may not have the puck, you cannot clog the neutral zone. You can't drop back and drag everyone down who comes below the circles.

So, you have to skate. And sitting in a shell against teams that are skating results in, well, more losses. Look, I'm no coach, and I'm sure that the Blues' coaches see this...scratch that. I don't know that they see this. I'm sure that video coach, Jaime Compon, who is universally respected for his skills, he sees it. Maybe even the assistant coaches see it. Maybe even Kitchen sees it. But either they cannot get it through to these guys or they are not saying the right things at the right times. This team lacks confidence. I don't know if it's a lack of confidence in each other, their coaches, or what. But a confident team wouldn't be shrinking, trying to protect a one goal lead.

Someone's gotta go in the hot box soon, because hazing is the only thing we have left to use. Someone better start getting hazed!

More on that in Saturday's column.

T-Shirts Are Cool

I've got an unbelievable merch company on the line now, so we're gonna get some great gear soon. These guys are a DIY outfit geared towards punk rock bands and they have some really great stuff. Their attitude is like ours, and I think we're a gtreat fit. Like I said to them, hockey fans are like punk rock fans. It's a small base, but it is loyal.

More news as it becomes available.

An Offer for YOU!

Despite the fact that I go in to every game after we're done selling, I do not have season tickets. So, I end up scrounging every time. Usually it works out fine, but I want to throw this out to you.

If you have a ticket you want to unload and you don't want to deal with the scalpers, I will trade you that night's GT for your extra. I only need one, and attendance being what it is, I don't care about the location of the seat. Simply take your extra to the NE corner of 14th & Clark (the streets, not the bar) and talk to my vendor John. Tell John that you have Gallagher's ticket and he'll tell you one of two things:
1. Great, here's your paper.
2. Sorry, man, already got one.

I'm not in the ticket re-sale business, so I don't want anything else. First come, first papered.

Random Thoughts

-Still not ready to call Gamache a player. That's just how I am. Plus, I'm still bitter that the Blues took him instead of Hainsey.
-Tkachuk has six points in his last two games and there are still tons of people who can't wait to trade him, despite his statements that he loves it here and wants to stay here until he retires. What more do you turbo-negative dicks want? He is trying to do it all himself. He is saying all the right things. He wants to win. He's willing to stay with a craptacular team to try to turn it around. You slobs who want to wallow, feel free. Feel sorry for yourselves as fans. Blame Tkachuk for everything that is wrong here. You're pointing at the wrong guy.
-Any guy who is mostly pasty, smokes and wears a lot of black? Call him Nigel. It's funny as hell for some reason and he'll hate it.