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And So It Begins.

By gallagher

Well, it's official. Jeffio has put down the Game Night Revue and there's no turning back. Where do we go from here? I'm at a point now where I feel like I have to pick up the standard and run, but does it make sense?

The Blues are as rudderless as the GNR fans right now; team for sale, star player too fat to play, and three of the four lines may be checking lines.

Dark days, my friends. Dark days.

But tomorrow the sun will be up. The Blues beat the Blackhawks last night and there seems to be some residual interest from some folks to have another Game Day paper.

Maybe the Blues can surprise us. Maybe I can surprise you.

Maybe we'll have a decent team. Maybe we'll have a game day paper.

We'll see how things look tomorrow, eh?