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Blues at Panthers

By Brad Lee

So nothing like a crappy road trip while figure skaters take over Savvis Center. So the Blues lost 3-1 at Florida tonight. I really don't think it was really tough on the team. They seemed to be going along with it ok.

It's games like tonight that really get me down. They don't get blown out and look really bad. But they never really look involved, interested, into the flow of the game. They basically played just well enough not to look really bad. They got it within one goal and then let it get back to a two-goal lead. Three to one doesn't look that bad in the paper. But if you watched, you know better.

The next couple of days are going to be tough. At Atlanta Friday, an afternoon game in Carolina Sunday and then home to be shutout by Martin Broduer. So in three games, how many goals will the boys in blue score? I put the over under at four.

The best part is the Blues are winless the second night of back to back games. They also have struggled the first game back after a road trip. So there are two losses. And Carolina just beat Detroit earlier this week. Plus, the Blues are back on OLN Tuesday. I have tried to forget how poorly those games have gone so far. Ugh.

One more time. Please Mike Kitchen, understand this season is done. Winning 22 games or 18 doesn't matter. This team isn't sniffing 30 wins. Getting ice time for veterans that have lost interest doesn't matter. Putting guys like Eric Weinrich out there every night doesn't matter. What matters is getting the kids in the mix, keeping them interested and having them learn on the job. There's half a season left even though it's already over.

And for my chat buddy Moresi, play Cash some more, wouldya? Thanks. That'd be a hoot.

So come back Friday night, same bat time, same bat channel. We'll see how St. Louis can blow that game.