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Sports Radio.

By Brad Lee

Let me say this about St. Louis sports radio. I listen a lot, but I don't always enjoy it. So why do I? Habit I guess.

But if you have a good radio or you travel in Illinois, do yourself a favor and listen to a real sports station, 670 am the Score out of Chicago. I can get it some days here in St. Louis. Whenever I can, I listen.

In the morning they have a protypical blowhard with a thick Chicago acccent that sounds fake, but it's all too real. He's a joke. The highlight is the afternoon drive guys, Bohrs and Bernstein. And on Thursday afternoons at 5 p.m., they have Who You Crap'n? Oh my god is it smart and funny radio, two things you can hardly ever say about KFNS.

So the idea is to listen for people either lying or getting something emberassingly wrong and then calling them on it. Thursday, one caller said he was listening to a radio host talk about the Bears, and for some reason they were looking at a scouting report of Brian Urlacher from his rookie year. It said his broad jump was 10 feet. The host thought for a second and said, "I"m not sure what the broad jump is, but I doubt anyone could jump 10 feet forward just standing still. It must have to deal with a vertical jump." So the caller says, "Steve (whatever your name is), you don't think anyone can jump forward 10 feet, but you think it's possible someone could jump straight up and their feet land on a basketball rim. Nice. And now we know never to pay attention to anything you ever say ever again. Thanks for clearing that up. Steve, who you crap'n?"

Best part is the term crap'n is on a clip where one of the hosts was in the Bears locker room when Da Coach, Ditka, was still with the team. The host asks a long winded question about Ditka being enthused about coaching and it seemed that day he was resigned to the fact that he was going to be fired. So Ditka fires back, "Hey buddy, aren't you the joker who was writing that I should quit or be fired? Now tell me, who you crap'n?" CLASSIC DITKA.

Hey KFNS, lets get some fresh blood on the radio. Put Martin Kilcoyne and Jimmy the Cat Hayes on their own show without Tongue Me Down McKernan. Claiborne is tired and done. Slaten doesn't have any real opinions, he just says things to get a reaction. It's recycled radio without fun, without intelligence.