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Hockey on Satellite

By Brad Lee

So we just purchased a GMC Envoy for the wife who travels some for her job and the growing child we lug around with all her crap. So we're going to keep the XM radio that comes with it. A couple times this week I have been out and about at game time and tuned into the play by play on the radio from the home team. A few observations...

I though the Colorado announcer would be better. He was slow and not very descriptive. But it was a blowout and the guys on the air sounded like they were watching a blowout. Not much stood out to me.

Now it is weird to tune into the Thrashers and expect to hear someone who is from Atlanta and hear someone who is from Alberta. Very disconcerting. And the terms they were using and references they were making, you could tell they've been around the game for a LONG time. I wonder how much of that is lost on the hockey fans in Atlanta, all five dozen of them. Ok, that was a little harsh.

And speaking of Atlanta, I think I could watch them every night, as long as they're not playing my team. The speed and quickness on almost every shift is amazing. These guys are going to contend very soon.

That's it, it's over, it's all over.