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Devils at Blues

By Brad Lee

So a few random thoughts, then the season summation.

Crowd got into it tonight when the Blues showed some intenstinal fortitude and tied it up in the third period only to be let down.

Where was Brewer?

Orsagzh or however you spell the new guy's name, showed some nifty moves. He passed on one possession when he should have shot. He'll learn playing with these guys.

Driving to the game, the new guy on 550, Monty, said he expected a great game. Yeah, right. Then he said tipoff was just around the corner. I turned to my wife and said, "Oh shite, we're wearing hockey sweaters! We forgot the Blues play basketball now!" He said it twice. Tsk. Tsk.

So one guy was a human trumpet getting one end of the stadium to say Lets Go Blues. Man he was loud. I'd like to buy him a cough drop for his throat.

So two tools were at the game wearing paper bags over their heads that said No Playoffs for the Blues. They Should Sell the Team to Someone Who Cares. Nice statement. Poorly executed. They put soft noodles sticking out and positioned themselves near the exit at 14th and Clark where they would be noticed. That's almost as bad as playing trained chimp to win the Fan of the Game award. That damn thing is freakin pathetic. You have to wear face paint, make a fake Stanley Cup or wear a kilt to win it, according to most of the games I've been to. How about the drunk guy in 303 wearing the Tony Hrkac sweater yelling that they should have never fired Brian Sutter. That guy is the fan of the game.

And finally, damn the Devils let the Blues back into that one. Most of the game they treated center ice like the DMZ between North and South Korea: You ain't getting through here. There was a lapse at 3-0 where they said "This thing is in the bag. Start the bus." But when it mattered, after the Blues tied it up, they poured it back on and showed how team speed, good defense at center ice, keeping the puck to the outsides and moving to open space on offense is the key to a fundamental team.

By the way:
So the Blues lost, AGAIN. It's just another example of the team not having a direction and not committing to a rebuilding year while trying to squeeze out another win from a flawed team. The effort was inconsistent, AGAIN. For stretches the Blues showed some fortitude and played well, giving hope to Blues fans looking for some glimmer of a brighter future around the corner. And when that appeared, this team sat down and said, "Nope, not today, not this season. Here, right here, is when we have a let down that will sink this game. These moments are officialliy sinking this franchise and our careers. Thought you might want to know." So the next game, the Blues will probably look good for a few minutes, they may even have a lead. But don't worry, the moment will happen. And here, on this blog, you might see a very similar sentiment. Thought I might warn you ahead of time.

Seacrest out.