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Blues at Domed Guys

By Brad Lee

So that was a fun game. Man the rooking in DC can play. He's not soft either. He played a little physical and man can he create. Holy crap is he a star in the making. What a fun guy to watch. Color me jealous.

So the grasping the puck in the crease for the penalty shot in overtime, a little pressure there. Sillinger didn't do much with the shot. I have never seen that in OT before. That is tremendous.

So I love the shootouts. Don't care if it's like soccer. At least in hockey they're a decent test of skill, not which way is the goalie going to dive.

I don't have many thoughts. I think the Caps are a flawed team that will be better in a year or two. They're penalty kill sucks ass. Ollie the Goalie needs some help. Otherwise the Blues almost had their let down at the beginning of the third, but hung tight. Nice job scoring to take it to overtime and then to shootout on the road.

Still, only one win in January. Sigh. Only a few more months until the draft.