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New Affiliate.

By gallagher

I have a bunch of stuff to post, but I think I'll save most of it and just bring you the most exciting news.

We have affiliated ourselves previously with, and their link has been on the front page for some time. If you haven't checked them out before, you definitely should, because they are a great companion to what we do. As the unofficial program for the home games, we try to set you up for what you'll see during the game. Bluesnet is a great place to check after the game for recaps and other Blues news. Due to my schedule lately, our logo is not a link on their site, but it will be soon.

Tonight we finalized yet another affiliation. This time with WGNU and, more specifically, the Sports Overdrive program that airs every weeknight from 6-7 pm. WGNU, also known as "Radio Free St. Louis" is located at AM 920. The Sports Overdrive host, Brian Stull, is a great sports fan who runs a show that tells it like it is. Every show starts with a "Good, Bad and Ugly" segment that highlights everything right and wrong with sports today. He then kicks into the pressing issues of the day. Never one to take the easy way, Sports Overdrive is also informative and fun. Brian's theory is that sports are fun, so why shouldn't a sports show also be fun?


So, starting Wednesday, yours truly will make sporadic appearances on Sports Overdrive, usually when the Blues are making news, and Brian wants to get the fan's perspective. Game Time, in return, will also be making sure that you hardcore fans of hockey are aware of the show and supporting Brian as much as possible.

So, do yourself a favor and dial in AM 920 on your way home or on your way to the game and catch Sports Overdrive. The show for fans by a fan (who isn't jaded like so many of the other local sports hosts have gotten).

As Long As I'm Plugging...

Check out Andy Strickland's show on 1380 ESPN Tuesdays from 10-11 am. Andy also has a solid Blues blog located here. I'm not a huge fan of the home site that he's on, but I do like Andy's work. He seems to be really chasing Blues news, which is pretty rare these days.

And no, I have no affiliation with Andy, I just like what he's doing and thought I'd try to turn you guys on to him. He also falls into the non-jaded media guy category, so that makes him stand out, too.

And So...

As I sign off and get to work on Nashville, I just want to ask you to check out the folks I've mentioned one last time. I think one of the things that makes our publication different is that we are your voice. We are, first and foremost, rabid hockey fans. We all also tend to think that we can write well enough to be printed and are funny enough to crack a few jokes along the way. But, boil it all down, and we are you.

So, we'll never have the same access that the P-D and the radio and TV stations have. Honestly, I think we're better off for it. Honestly, if I met and interviewed Eric "The Visor" Weinrich, I'd have a much harder time taking him to task for his crazy-ass hunter/vanity gear and his step-too-slow play. On the other hand, we'll also never fall out of love with our favorites. If we love a guy on the ice, it's because he plays hard, does the things we like to see and never lets us down. If we were to meet that guy because of this publication and he turned out to be a dick, it would affect our feeling about the guy as a fan.

I don't want my fans' perspective wrecked by too much exposure to the players and management. I'm sure Larry Pleau and Mike Kitchen are great guys. Well, almost certain. Maybe. But if I find it out for certain, I'm less likely to bash them when they deserve to be bashed. And that's not fair to you, the rabid fan.

I'm losing my point, so I'll summarize. When you come across a member of the mainstream media who deals with the players and the management on a personal level and still manages to stay as passionate as the average upper-bowl-sittin', Gretzky-Blues-wearing, "Not For Hire" truck drivin' season ticket holder, well, you latch on to that guy.

Support Brian Stull's Sports Overdrive and Andy Strickland's Blues Brunch (check the bottom of the page for info). And be sure to run by, too. They're just as fanatical as you. Plus, none of these places I'm sending you are as obnoxious or eye-rolling as the horrible message boards at the Blues site or even the P-D site. If you want a non-eye-rolling message board, check out ours.

A Couple of GT Notes...

OK, I can't help myself, so a couple shout-outs.

Thanks to the Blues nuts who came out to get a GT, then had to go get some cash and brought back a ton of change. I ain't here to complain, I'm just glad you came back. Thanks a ton. I love the Blues fans wearing jerseys, the hoodies underneath, hands full of beer cups and paying in change. I am home.

Tonight was turbo-crappy out. The wind was whipping us all, the rain was coming down, and we all thought we were headed towards another loss. But all my regulars came by with frozen hands. The young guy who is usually with his mom and sister. The guy with the jersey, hat and glasses, who always stops and laughs every time I ask him if we're going to win. The guy who bought for the Flyers and now comes back. Andy, who I know from summer hockey. I just wanted to get you all on the site. Thanks for your support.

Enough for now. Nashville next. Time to work.