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Blues Lose To Preds.

By gallagher

So we lost to the Predators. Ehh.

I have some notes, but I can't really fire up the wagon tonight.

I don't know many details, but do me a favor and put the GT Godfather, Jeffio, in your thoughts. He was admitted to the hospital late on Tuesday night and I didn't hear about it until late Wednesday. I don't know what's going on, and I don't want to speculate, but it couldn't hurt the original small-time hockey publisher to have a few folks thinking about him.


Brian Stull was good enough to have me on tonight, and he didn't even mention all of my unprofessional 'ummms' and uuuhhhhs'. The wifeditor, on the other hand, not afraid to mention it.

Anyway, give Stully your support. He loves the Blues and loves to talk about our team. I had hoped to pimp my boys on the staff a little more, but all I managed to get out was a mention of our outstanding Trivia guy, Childhood Trauma (clearly the most disturbing moniker on the staff) and the vendors who were out freezing their... well, freezing out there.

My apologies to the other guys, but you know I love you all anyway.

My Boy, #8

8 showed tonight and took a couple GTs up into the boxes. So, we're movin' up like George and Weezie. I even got to sign one, by request. Skynyrd Rulez!

And Anyway

Sorry I don't have anything comedic tonight, but the Jeffio thing has me feeling a little less than humorous. We have a couple weeks before the Devils show up here and I'll be posting regularly.

Later, skaters.