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Blues at Dead Things.

By Brad Lee

God I hate Detroit.

Detroit sucks.

I really hate Detroit.

The worst part is Detroit could care less about the Blues. While most fans think there is a rivalry, Detroit fans don't think so. They think their rivals are the Avalanche. They feel more pity than anything for the Blues. That sucks. It's like fighting with your big brother while he puts his hand on your head keeping you just out of arms reach.

Thirteen shots. Man, that sucks. What can you even start to say about that, shoot more? I mean, that's total domination. That's the best team in the league showing the worst which team is which.

I've written it before, Gallagher agrees and it is apparent things haven't changed. The Blues are still trying to do things to win now instead of win in the future. Sejna played with Mayers and Johnson, two of the most frustrating offensive players on the team. Gamache is sitting for stretches. Cash is sitting for stretches. Either it's a youth movement or it's a win-now strategy. Team management has not embraced either.

My only thought is that they're waiting for the trade deadline. Good plan Larry Pleau. You've got them fooled.

So four more road games while the figure skaters take over Savvis. Fun times. Fun times.