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Blues at Red Wings.

Whoa, I go 11 days between posts, and now two in three days. Stop the presses, or the Internets. Whatever.

So the Blues lost at Detroit. Fine. They blew a two-goal lead and a tie in the third period. Fine. Sanford let in his first soft goal in awhile. Fine. Doesn't matter.

I will not take a loss to heart the rest of this year unless there are extenuating circumstances like I'm drunk and really sentimental that night. But that's it. The only reasons I lose my cool mainly include: Tkachuk gets slashed on his hands nightly and I scream like a little girl every time, Weinrich finishes the season with the team, Stempniak and McClement get either sent down or to the bench.

Tonight was a good night in that Stempniak got another goal and Tkachuk looked good in his return. This team plays a hell of a lot better with him out there. I think in recent weeks we've grown accostomed to seeing offensively-challenged guys out there. And when a player of Walt's ilk makes it out there, it's an eye-opener to see him handle the puck down low, be in the right place at the right time and really make the offense show some potential.

I'm going to hammer this home between now and the trade deadline: KEEP TKACHUK.

Lets go Blues.