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Blues Get Lucky v Coyotes / I Love Our Radio Guys.

By gallagher

I heard a lot of this game, but saw none of it. And that shades some of my perception, because when I see a game, I can throw out the commentator's ridiculous remarks and/or observations if I don't agree. Over the radio, I have no choice but to believe what they are saying, which is frustrating to a hockey know-it-all like myself.

But, on the radio, it sounded like the boys in Blue won a game that they didn't really deserve to win.

Thank you, bouncing puck of fickle fate. We don't get nearly enough bounces that go our way as Blues fans. Defenders throwing pucks into our own net in the playoffs. Turek giving up a center ice blast with just seconds left in the first period of a pivotal Game 7. A shot breaking a guy's knuckle. A clearing pass nearly ending Chris Pronger's career. A shot nearly ending his life. An idiot career fourth liner like Nick Kypreos ending Grant Fuhr's season and the Blues' one chance at a playoff run with Wayne Gretzky in the Note. These are the things that happen to Blues fans.

Aaron Downey and Jamal Mayers seal the lead for the Blues in a game that everyone can agree they sucked in for 40 minutes? Wha? Aaron Downey? Seriously?

According to the radio guys, Bacashua looked good too, except for one goal. Great, but let's not get too high, here, Blues fans. Once Cash starts stealing a few more games, then we can start fawning all over him. Until then, let's reserve the halo, but not put a down payment on it. Although I guarantee we'll have a 'Bacashua' jersey sighting by January 2nd. Hell, someone probably placed the order on just a few minutes ago.

Playing Anaheim tomorrow will be interesting. Both teams played Tuesday away from Orange County, and Anaheim lost a demoralizing game against the Sharks, where their coach spent an extended period of time screaming at the players on the bench. Perfect setting for a Blues team that is feeling positive.


Since I'm talking about our radio guys anyway, I might as well drop my fan's perspective on them, too. I did not like Chris Kerber when he first started doing the Blues' broadcasts, but he has grown on me. I've never met Kerber, and I've always thought that his calls of the action were

1. Clearly 3-4 seconds behind the action. I can hear the arena horn blowing and he's still finishing the last pass and shot.
2. Was lacking in detail. He usually gets the scorer, but the guys who assist are often a mystery. Sometimes, he is describing action on ice and doesn't mention anyone's name for a few seconds. It can be maddening.

But, I guess I've grown accustomed to it. I hear the horn and start punching the roof of my car. Kerbs can finish his call under the sound of my horn honking. So, he's not right on it. I don't care. I still think he's solid enough that I won't bitch.

Kelly Chase, on the other hand, I love as a broadcaster unequivocably. His comments on referees are the best. He knows they are all idiots and isn't afraid to say so. He also loves the fights (of course) and his comment of, "and no one left the building" is always true. Too many players-turned-'casters are completely inane. At least Chase tells you what the players really think, while avoiding the horrible Magic Johnson, "and he's saying, 'aint no way you're coming to my house tonight. Not with all the guests I already have. And I aint even picking you up at the airport. You get out of my lane, brother,' you know what I'm sain?" comments.

No Magic, we don't.

Instead, Chase has that street cred. He doesn't go overboard, but he gives us a look inside what is actually happening on the ice from a players' perspective. Too bad he was out with some sort of illness tonight. But I thought Dallas Drake did a good job in his place. He'd probably be a good color guy someday, too.