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No Games, So I Have No Real Point.

By gallagher

I'm sure that I've never celebrated a Blues road trip/Olympic break/Blues road trip before. But, I've never been a small-time publisher before, either. Jeffio has, so he knows what I'm talking about, but really, no one else knows that the reason I was downing them at the Super Bowl party had nothing to do with that crap-ass game that was played. Four weeks off? Holy crap.

Here's a little peep into the unofficial program guy's life. I'm in the Hawks game on Thursday, sitting with Jeffio, a great vendor of mine, Amy, and one of the writers, Gift. As the second period ends, with the Blues up and an entertaining third on the way, I tell the crew, "well, I gotta go."

Everyone laughs.

Then I say, "No, seriously, I have to start working on the Dallas issue."

Everyone laughs. Except Jeffio.

Jeffio says, "yeah, you do. Make sure I get your file by nine on Saturday." He knows. He's done it. He knows that the day after Christmas game means that you spend Christmas day thinking about the work you have to do on Christmas night.

So, four weeks off is like waking up on Saturday morning and thinking it's Friday, only to remember before you really wake up. But it happens every day for four weeks straight. And then, when you do wake up late in the morning, you find $20 in the pocket of your jeans. For four straight weeks.

I Support Those Who Support The Small Business

I try not to fill this crappy blog with plugs, but (stand by), as a guy who is trying to make something happen on essentially a grassroots level, I feel like I have to give some press to the people who are helping me along the way. For instance, my webhost,, has been unbelieveable. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I still owe that guy money for everything he's done for us. He's one of those guys who goes above and beyond. So, if you need webspace or other internet help, call Kevin. His link is at the bottom of our main page.

Another guy who has helped us is Brian Stull and WGNU (920 AM) who has put us on-air during his Sports Overdrive show. Stully has been called an "up-and-coming" broadcast guy by other media guys, and I have no reason to doubt it. He has appeared on his competitor's stations. He's the real deal. And I'm glad that we've gotten to be an affiliate of his show. It's a deal I'd do over 100 times out of 100. Listen to him weeknights from 6-7 pm, you won't regret it.

And recently, I've entered into an agreement with a company so that I can print the paper at the official (and radiant) Game Time Offices, rather than farming it out. It will make a huge difference for this paper going forward and I'm hooked up with a great company. My sales rep has been solid, especially considering that, as a new business, I have no track record. Long story short, I had an awkward conversation with some chick from the company who couldn't understand why Game Time didn't have store hours or a business loan or a credit history. I couldn't make her understand that "WE'RE NEW". So, instead, I got a tad nasty and pseudo-belligerant with her.

I could see the "Denied" stamp slamming down on me, even as I gave her asshole answer after asshole answer. Sorry, but that's the way we GT people get.

Anyway, my rep, being a forward thinking guy, made it happen. We're forging forward and I'm indebted to him for making the pencil-pushers understand.

So, here's my last plug for the night. If you need copier/printer/office solution stuff, give the people over at Da-com a chance. I'm happy to give anyone the info for my guy, Billy. I wore out a few copier reps over the months, but Billy was the persistant one who got the business and then made it happen for me. That's a guy I can support.

OK, I'm done plugging. But these guys have all done something for me, it's the least I can do for them.