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New Stuff Coming. And Whatnot.

By gallagher

I've been working on a new post for two days. With no new paper for another week +, I wanted to knock this out, but it's grown beyond my control now. It'll be up tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'll just give you a couple of points.

Godfather Update

Jeffio is still in the hospital, but the outlook is much better. Thanks to all who sent along their care and concern. I'll be sure to let him know when I get to talk to him. The lovely Bethio is very upbeat about his prognosis, so that's a good thing.

It looks like some medical procedures still need to occur and the hospital's cafeteria will not deliver Wild Turkey up to the rooms, so it's not all sunshine and roses for our godfather, but what the hell. At least he's getting out of some work, eh?

It Is Still Coming

The GT gear is moving along. The prototypes should be in front of me very soon, and when I see it, you'll see it. I'm pretty excited about it because I tend to like punk rock art and our artist is strictly punk rock.

Other Than That

I really don't have much. I spent most of the day watching Hockey Day In Canda and NFL playoff games. Damn those canucks love hockey. Can you imagine if a third of Americans played hockey? Christ. They're crazy for it up there. The icetime starts about 4:30 and ends after midnight and it is always full. Plus, they all play ball hockey, floor hockey, pond hockey, shinny and then go watch hockey. Remind me never to go to Canada. I might never come back.

Oh, and they all apparently like to drink beer. Especially after playing, or while watching, hockey.