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Can We Play Vancouver Some More?

By gallagher

How great is it when Bertuzzi is pissed? That guy, for being a 6'5, 450 lb monster with great hands, is the biggest crybaby bitch I've ever seen play this game. For such a big man, he pouts like a five-year-old who can't have any more cotton candy. I've been saying this about Bertuzzi forever, but when is that guy going to play the game like a man?

Since he's 30 years old now, I guess the answer is never.

I don't care what level of hockey is being played, I hate divers and I hate guys who cry to the refs. Diving is a disgrace, and you should be personally shamed if you aren't moving your legs and trying your hardest. If you legitimately get pulled down, fine. But don't dive. It's embarassing your teammates, and it should embarass you.

But even worse is crying about calls. I don't care how big you are or how hard you play or whether the call was actually bogus. If the call was bad, let the ref know. I'm cool with that. But when you cry about the bu-shido call after EVERY call? Now you're a baby.

And Bertuzzi is a baby.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get it, Bertubaby, it's not fair. You didn't do it. Whatever. You're the biggest goddamn guy out there. Play hard, go to the net, do your thing. But when something doesn't get called, or when it does and you think it's not fair, just be a man and let it go. People would have more respect for you.

So. Now that I'm done with that, you can probably guess that I'm pretty happy when I see the Blues bang in a PP goal and then see Bertuzzi step out of the penalty box.

A season series win against the Canucks? I did not see that coming. But here we are and guys like Orszagh, Dutchie and Wideman are leading the way. Crazy. But how good would Tkachuk's numbers be if he'd played more than 14 freakin' games? Damn.

Let's see what happens before the boring ass Olympics start.