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Going Quick - Two Games In A Row.

Printing this bitch as I type. Printing at the GT HQ (opulent as ever) is really a step up. I've cut out a bunch of the little editorial errors that you can only catch when you see it in print. So, I think the streamlined look is better, plus I'm cutting down on the little errors that used to pervade this thing.

Maybe now my neighbor will stop calling it a 'zine.

As the printer churns away, the HQ is filled with a strange toner smell - the smell of progress, I say.

[Crazy deep reference alert]

Plus, as the thing is clanging away and papers are spitting out, I can't help but be reminded of the Chief Engineer from 'Das Boot'. If anyone has seen the epic 4 hour German U-Boat movie (in German, with English subtitles or dubbing), you can picture me, all grubby and dirty and tired, falling asleep with my head leaning on the engine as it hammers away. Either that or cheering it on, "go, you magnificent bastard!"

Anyway, hope to see some of you all at the game, but I may be inside instead of selling. My son has been asking every day when he gets to go to a Blues game. Maybe tomorrow is the day. If he's good and comes up with at least one good Top 11 list for Saturday's issue.