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Stupis Hockey Truisms.

By gallagher

Sometimes stupid shite winds up in my head. Then I caint shake it. Most of the time it's hockey crap. Sometimes it becomes a 'From The Editor' piece. Sometimes it's not substantial enough. Then you get stuck with it.

Here's soem stuff that's bugging me lately about hockey.

Detroit is Hockeytown. Detroit is full of shite. 'Official' numbers show that the Red Wings arena is playing before 100.2% capacity. I watched them play the Ducks tonight on TSN and there were literally thousands of empty seats in that building.

The Blue sreport official sales of around 13,000 seats per game. Ha. Anyone who has been to one of the big games, like CRosby and Pittsburgh, knows that that building hasn't seen 13,000 asses since back when the Blues were in the playoffs.

Hell, if the Blues have put 10,000 in the stands for a single game this year, I haven't seen it.

So, the dickwads in Hockeytown are doing the same thing as the Blues - counting the season ticket sales (and all those corporate seats that aren't being filled). Fine, so what? You can't sell out your barn on a weekday when the Ducks are in town. I get it. Just don't think that you're hockeytown if you can't sell out your barn. Minnesota? That game is sold out. Toronto? Sold. Ottawa? Sold. Calgary? Sold. Colorado? Sold.

But you Detroit bandwagon bitches have stolen the Hockeytown name. Once Pizzatown starts to suck, that place is going to be all seats and one lone dude in a McCarty sweater.

The Blues Suck.
As I watch out-of-town broadcasts, announcers like to count down games to play and the race for the playoffs. They almost always count games against the Note, like they're sure wins.

Back in the fall, that worked. It doesn't now. You stupid, stupid announcers. This is your job, for chrissake! Have you not noticed that the Blues have only lost outright in three of the last 20 games? That means they won outright or went to OT/SO in 85% of their games since January 17th. I doubt I'd count those Blues match ups as sure points.

The Blackhawks Suck.

Ok, that one actually is true.