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Blues v Flames

By gallagher

Ah, Dutchie. Made us believe once again. The Flames were dominating the Note tonight. And despite Sandford's once again, valiant effort, they looked like they were just biding their time the whole way.

Until the Dutch Man scored.

Then I believed again. We can do it. They can do it. The Blues can beat a superior team again. But in the end, a team that is built just like the Blues hope to be built in just a couple years managed to hold them off. The 3-1 final is bogus because of Iginla's empty netter.

And guess what? I have an opinion about it. There is an NHL Urban Legend that goes (Al Iafrate, but name someone else if you must) had the puck on his stick late in a game. With an open net, he breaks into the clear and then...lofts the puck into the corner rather than taking the easy empty net goal.

After the game, he is asked by the media why he didn't pad his stas with the easy goal.

"Empty net goals are for fags."

I've also heard that he said "losers". I've also heard it attributed to other players. Whatever. I like the quote, even though it's so homophobic it makes me want to go watch Brokeback Mountain in protest.

The point is clear: don't score empty netters if not necessary, and if you do score one, don't celebrate it. Here's my point: if there are two minutes left and you're up by one - pot the EN goal and seal the win. If you're up two or more, skate the puck around and put it in the corner and, well, don't be a dick. If you're up by one and the puck is in the EN zone with 5 seconds left... don't score. If you do, you're a stat-padder. If you NOT celebrate.

Iginlas scored an EN goal with 5.8 seconds left and then he celebrated with Leclerc. Giant smiles all around. Assholes. Now I can't wait until your team is down, Iginla, and the youthful, fast-skating and shooting Blues beat your ass. And then run up the score. I'm sure you'll be pissed and will yell at everyone on the ice, just like you did when you lost the Stanley Cup to the Lightning. A great winner, yes. A bad loser, yes. Iginla - I hope someone knocks your teeth out on March 23rd when you're here in St Louis.