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The Season Finally Ends (and other garbage).

By gallagher

Folks, first off, sorry for the long delay. Not that you care, but I do have an excuse. I used this blog all year to fill the gaps for all my whining and bitching and whatnot. But as the Blues season came to a grinding halt, things over at the opulent GT HQ got even more hectic. The Blues finished the last week with four home games. The Cardinals started their season with six games in seven days.

For those keeping score at home, that's 10 games in a week that we churned out.

So, there's my wah! for you. Since then, we've done a fresh 10-game Cards homestand that is almost over. Hopefully we've gained a few new disciples. From the reactions I've heard, they are out there.

Some Other Garbage

Just for housecleaning purposes, let me explain our new, badass website. We've found that while those of us who work on the paper year-round like baseball and hockey, there are plenty of you out there who like only one or the other. Hell, one of my hockey fanatic friends (and huge GT supporter) told me he actually hopes that the baseball version crashes. Well. How 'bout that?

But the point is that some folks live for the Cards, some live for the Blues. Some do both. Some cannot. The site is split in two for that reason, but you can get from one side to the other if you're one of those types. The message boards are the same - just click on the home link and ta-da!

But this blog is going to remain a mainly Blues-related forum for me. The cardes play every 18 hours, it seems, so I have the opportunity to add my comments whenever I feel over there in print. With the puck news, especially this year, so much will be happening off-season that I have to vent somewhere before I have an aneurism.

So, this won't be linked from the baseball site, but will be on the hockey side. And it'll be updated all summer as the Blues make news.

Speaking Of Those Blues

Well, it's over. And we managed to make it through. The worst season in Blues history. But we had our highs, too. We got to cheer for jason Bacashihua and Dutchie Stempniak and Jay McClement and Dennis Wideman and see Christian Backman grow into a bigger role. There are some positives, like a #1 overall draft pick and a ton of money to spend on a good crop of Free Agents. We have a new owner who is saying all the right things.

We got to see #2 go up to the rafters. Next year we'll see #16 go up too.

I've got a million recommendations rolling around in my head...but so do you. As the new management gets ratifyied and completes the sale, they'll start making moves. I'll add my 2 (or 2,000) cents as we go along.

Sorry, y'all!

So, I'll be better about the posting. In the meantime, check out the message board (linked to the right) and feel free to email me at

later skaters.