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Maybe I Should Shut Up (and other omens).

By gallagher

As those of you who stop by here know, sometimes I talk just a tad bit of shite. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it just makes sense to me. But like any moron with a blog, every now and then I hit on something.

But lately, I think I'm doing the Blues more harm than good. The whole editorial article about how the Blues beating Columbus a few weeks ago and waging their way into 26th overall? Yeah, good thought. I stand behind the idea that 26th is better for team morale and our franchise's psyche and all, but that pretty much coincided with Curtis Sanford being flattened and losing the rest of his season to a wonky knee.


And as we all know now, Sanford isn't any savior in goal, but the Blues play a different brand of hockey in front of him then they do in front of Patrick 'where'd it go?" Lalime. The Blues have been in a tailspin since - losing 11 straight and burying themselves at the bottom of the stinky pile.

I also decided that it'd be a good idea to call out the crappy Pittsburgh team and their whiny wunderkind Sid Crosby. The quote was somewhere around, "the Blues have left the Pens behind and they are guaranteed the 30th place."

Those Pens are now just 3 points back. Greeat. So much for team morale in not finishing last.

And yet some other bad omens. Our resident ninja, the elusive Childhood Trauma, commissioned some novelty foam toilets for the last Columbus game. On the lid, they say, "Insert Lalime's Career. Flush Repeatedly."

Hilarious, I say. And so did many of the people we handed them to on last Friday when they bought the paper. It wasn't that night, but the next game on Saturday, Scott "red afros are cool" Hartnell of Nashville fell on Lalime and helped our netminder finally achieve his GT nickname, as he came up La-Lame.

So now those of you who still want the Lalime toilets can have them, but they might just be cursed. Keep in mind - I did get them from a cipher. Maybe they really are cursed or poisoned or have some other special powers.

All I can say is that Larry Pleau better hope that CT doesn't print up some toilets with his name on them too.

GT News

Sorry about the slow updates, but the site is about to change again. For the better. Again.

Also, the GT staff has been cranking away on the new baby - our baseball version. We'll be out for the Cardinals' games with a similar version of what you get at the Blues' games. I came upon the idea when I noticed at a Cards game last year that a scorecard will cost you $2, but it has no rosters/stats/info of any kind. Meanwhile, the program has no scorecard and it's not exactly up-to-date. That'll cost you $5. A pencil? $.50.

Screw that, I says to myself, I says. We'll give you the scorecards, stats, rosters and our own opinions and matchup info for a mere $3.

See you at the madness on Monday.