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Here’s A List of Stuff I Suck At.

By gallagher

1. Not ending blog post titles with a preposition.
2. Being romantic with the wifeditor.
3. Not being a jackass to drunk jackass Cardinals fans.
4. Picking the hockey playoffs this year.

That first one is obvious. I actually did it on purpose because I have a great friend who used to always note whenever someone ended a spoken statement with 'at' or 'from' by adding some other random crap. For instance:

Anyone: So, where did you get that at?
Goebel: From At To.

Which he and the wifeditor and I think is funny. Everyone else finds it a tad jackassy. To which I say, well, then that just says something about where you went to school at.

From At To.

That Second One.
Actually works in my favor because the wifeditor, back in her pre-Gallagher days had a boyfriend who invited her over to his place, only to greet her with some soft music, a bottle of champagne and two flutes.

She dumped him like immediately.

So, that tells you a little bit about where the wifeditor comes from.

At To From.

I Am Kind Of A Jackass To Other Jackasses.
Maybe I'm boiling down my 'why I like Blues fans better' theory, but I went to the Birds game last night. The jackass in front of one of my buddies clearly hates his life. We were laughing and joking and having fun in spite of a fairly boring stretch of the game (commonly known as the second through eighth innings; I kid, I kid). But hoosier with an attitude goes out of his way to delineate certain actions that we could take that would cause us (him and the four of us) to have 'a problem'.

Being significantly more sober than we wanted to be, we defused the situation by telling hoosier, 'well, none of that is a problem, so no worries.'

His reply? 'Oh, I'm not worried, I'm just letting you know how it is.'

In other words, "I'm an ass and I hate how my life turned out, so I'm going to fight someone tonight. I can't find any Mets fans, so I'll have to be ok with fighting a Cardinals fan. Yes, I know we're all here to cheer for the same team and to hopefully have fun doing it, but, as previously stated, I hate my life and must compensate for it by trying to start a fight with anyone I can find. At."

I'm paraphrasing, of course, but you know what I mean. I can still laugh about it because my buddy who he started with spent the next three innings spilling beer onto the huusier's seat and making sure that his peanut shell dust and fibers fell onto the guy's knockoff jersey.

Meanwhile, I've never had that happen at a Blues game, ever. Somehow the Blues fans can all manage to remember that we all live in the same town and are cheering for the same team. Hell, go dump your beer on the freakin' guy who is wearing the Red Wings jersey, even though the game is against the Preds (sure he's there, he's always there).

But somehow I've had the confrontation with the drunk Cards fan happen at like 60% of all the Cardinals games I've gone to.

From At To.

It's Like I'm The Grim Reaper Of Hockey Picks.

I hope you guys don't have any vested interest in the teams left, because if I pick your team, they are in trouble. I went one-for-four last round, but I still believe the Sharks were the better team in that matchup.

So, here we go. In an attempt to pick teams I want to win versus teams I think will win, I'm going with Carolina and Edmonton.

I think the Sabres could win this series for sure, and son of GT will clearly be pulling for them, but I can't help but want to see Weight and Stillman and Brind'Amour move on to a shot at the Cup.

Sure those guys have issues, but they all do. Weight may or may not have been part of the discord that cost Coach Q his job. Stillamn may or may not have been a cancer in the room after his arrival in exchange for the likeable Craig Conroy. Maybe Brindy did or di not sleep with some former teammate's girlfriend...or had his wife.girlfriend slept with by a teammate...I can never remember which crazy rumor it was....

But I still have to pull for them. I'm a fan, and as a fan, I root for the guy on the ice. Whatever happens off of it is their deal and whatever I hear about them is probably at least 50% wrong 98% of the time.

And I like the way those guys play hockey. I hope they move on to the Finals.

I want Edmonton to win, but not for the same reason. For whatever reason, I couldn't care less if Chris Pronger wins a Cup. Maybe it's my bias towards forwards over defensemen, but I just want Edmonton to move on because I don't want to have to live with 'Mighty Ducks of Anaheim' on the Cup.

If they win next year, when they have been re-named the Anaheim Ducks, I'll probably be fine. I just find the MDoA crap to be so demeaning to hockey fans. Thank you, Disney, for ruining a whole team and making them a freakin' non-supportable group of good guys. That team is good and dangerous and have won me over. A bit. Next year, with a new logo and a new name? Ok, then I might get past it. Until then, I hope they get kicked right back to where they came from.

At To From.