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So, This Is Kinda Funny.

By gallagher

Not really sure how to preface this whole story, but I think it all starts with the fact that a certain NHL referee somehow manages to reside within two blocks of the GT Empire HQ. I've never met the guy, but I have received his copy of the Hockey News before (I sure hope the United States Postal Service managed to get that little snafu fixed). He also happens to reside right next to some folks who happen to be friends of the wifeditor.

So, the wifeditor went out with said friend and a couple other gals tonight. They went here and there, but finally wound up at some club where the music was a tad too loud and the market is focused on new meat. The wifeditor noticed her friend talking to someone and went up was introduced to the guy, her friend's NHL ref neighbor.

Now, some of you who have followed the NHL playoffs remember a story from the first round, back when the Hurricanes were losing the series 2-0 to Montreal. The story was that a referee made a call from the redline that cost the Hurricanes a big goal. The penalty that was called 'occurred' down near the net, about 10 feet from the other referee in the game.

In the end, the controversial call did not get too much press because the Whalers...Canes won the series and moved on, but at the time, it was a bad call that was press-worthy in Carolina and with the OLN crew. I must have mentioned it to the wifeditor.

So back to tonight. Once introduced to the NHL referee neighbor, wifeditor, as if on some sort of GT version of Punk'd, immediately jumps into the guy with, "so, my husband says you made a bad call during the playoffs."

Peel goes with, "I don't know about that."

"You sure, some strange call...?"

"I didn't hear about it."

"I did."

Pause. Awkward silence.

Wifeditor: "So, are you doing any more games or are you done?"

Peel: "I'm done."

See why I love this girl? In perfect GT fashion, going for the joke somehow comes out on top of everything else.