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Finals Almost Over.

By gallagher

So, Dougie Weight is about ready to hold the Cup for the first time. And Cory Stillman is about to hold it for the second time in a row. And Rod Brind'Amour and Bret Hedican... ah whatever.

I'm happy enough for those guys, but all the same, just not that excited. The wifeditor really summed it up in two statements:

1. Didn't the Blues' season end like two months ago?
2. I wish that the two teams in the Finals would have plane crashes. Not enough to kill anyone, but enough that they couldn't finish the series and no one would win.

Taking the second one first, I swear it's not as harsh as it seems. Alhough, the wifeditor does have a bit of a mean streak. The motive behind it is her feeling, like most Blues fans, that the NHL is meaningless once the Blues are out. She couldn't care less who wins the Cup this year and what former Blues are hoisting it. In fact, if not married to the poorest publisher in sports, she wouldn't have any idea who was in the Finals.

As for the first one, yeah, it was virtually two months ago that the Blues finished their season with a whimper. There is good news coming, as the Note timeline (listed below) is coming to a head. I hope the Blues (read: Checketts) are ready to make a flurry of announcements of the next couple weeks. And I hope they are the right ones. The message board has a great thread on the potential for ex-Rangers flooding the system, you should check it out here
I won't re-hash all that, just check it out and pitch your 2 cents.

But Back To My First Point

As we watched the Game 4 Oilers-Canes matchup, the wifeditor noted that the Oilers were really flying in the first period. I gave her the prediction that if the Oilers win Game 4, the series goes to seven games. If they lose, the Canes win in five at home on Wednesday.

I still stand by that, even if Son of GT wants me to swear allegiance to the Oilers because of his two hockey rules for rooting on non-Blues teams:

1. We always pick the Oilers if they aren't playing the Blues.
2. Boys always stick together, so we have to take the same team.

So, I think I'm doing a pretty good job with him.

Also, I think I deserve some serious credit for not writing that in goddamn "Family Circus Speak" that apparently Bil Keane (and his son) still thinks makes a stupid comic funny. I swear to god it's my second goal in life to bring that horrible 'cartoon' to its knees. If I had unleashed that "lil kids say the silliest things" on you it would have started with "but we're 'sposed to...".

And like half of you would have immediately un-bookmarked us immediately.

Anyway, enjoy Game 5 and get ready for the Blues to make some noise in the news in the near future.

Death to Family Circus,