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Draft Day!

By gallagher

And apparently Trade Day as well. Bertuzzi (plus) to Florida for Luongo (plus) leads the way.

The Blues are being mentioned in tons of rumors from a return of Pronger (St. Louis girls always want to come back to live in St. Louis, you know) to adding Maxim Afinogenov and Marty Biron from Buffalo.

I'm not interested in trading the #1 pick to get Pronger back (but I'd love to see him back in some other way, which is unlikely) and I'm not a huge fan of Afinogenov and his slick moves that never seem to end with a goal, but the trade rumors are always fun to kick around. Here's a Pronger discussion from the message board that could be interesting if you have an opinion.

I won't be able to update today, but check out Spector's Rumor page - it's got the most reliable rumors around. Plus, when he thinks their bogus, he'll tell you so. As an added bonus, there's no crazy rating system to try to decipher.

Should be an exciting day for Blues fans. Be sure to jump on our message board where I think we'll see some action this afternoon/evening.

Later skaters!