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What Smells Like Burning Flesh?

By gallagher

Oh yeah, the Oilers. I wish that Roloson hadn't gotten hurt because this series would be way better with him in there. As it stands, this thing is pretty much tipping in on itself. The Oilers played like they were already beaten tonight. I expect a split in Edmonton followed by the Canes finishing it up at home.

Good Blues News On The Way

For those who weren't paying attention, here come the summer milestones for the Note:

June 21: The NHL Board of Governors and owners all get together to ratify the Blues sale to the Checketts group. Cue John Davidson and mass firings over at the Sav.

June 24: The NHL Entry Draft. The Blues will pick first overall, 30th overall (assuming the Canes wrap up the Cup, their 1st round pick falls to 30 - the Blues own that pick) and 31st overall (1st pick in 2nd round).

July 1: Free Agency opens. The Blues will probably have to spend at least $20 million + this summer just to get to the salary floor, which is projected to be in the $32 to $34 million range.

So expect the Boys in Blue to be in the news plenty in the next three weeks, much of it positive. For once.