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I Love GT Readers.

By gallagher

I thought the funniest part of the Blues/Hawks here-and-here was going to be when we sold a copy of the paper (headline: Hawks Suck Again) on Tuesday to a guy in a red Hawks jersey. Right after paying for the paper, he read the headline and said, "aw, what the shit?!"

And then on Thursday, one of our regular readers (and the author of a certain linked blog) decided to take a picture with a whole family of Hawk fans. They sure look happy, don't they?

Notice that our lone Blues fan is holding up his fabulous copy of GT. Seems like a St. Louis guy making nice with some Chicago-fan-Jordan-loving-Chelios-chili-eating-Bears-hopeful-Sears-Tower-worshiping-giant-silver-bean-art-loving-Ditka-sucking-Wirtz-hating-Old-Style-drinking-green-river-bragging-maybe-this-year-is-next-year-Cub-fan-haven't-been-to-a-game-since-Amonte-left-pseudo-Blackhawks-fans, right?

Nice St. Louis kid. Not afraid to be cool with some Indian Head lovers? Look closer. That GT is saying what our Blues fan has been yelling all night:

Aw yeah. "Blackhawks Still Suck".

And look at 'em.

"Yay! We DO suck!""

Sorry drunk Chi-Town fans. You just got shutout and you just got taken to school. Next time you might want to investigate more before that digital camera gives you the flashy-flash.

As we might say with the aid of Horn Guy:

Pom Pom Pom!
Black Hawks Suck!
Pom Pom Pom!
Black Hawks Suck!

And so on and so forth.

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