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Game Time Claims Victory - Still Has No Tickets

By Sean Gallagher

Tkachuk making time with the ladies.As our poster named Jessica pointed out in our thread related to the Jay McKee injury, in accordance with one of my demands, the Blues had players hand-deliver tickets to season ticket holders on Monday.Â

Despite the fact that I'm claiming victory on this particular demand, I still don't have my season tickets, even though I've been sitting on my front stoop with baited breath. As Brad Lee pointed out, maybe I just have to wait for Peter Cajanek to roll by in his U-Haul to get mine.

Which would be about fitting, I suppose - season tickey holder since 1967: hand delievered tickets by Keith Tkachuk. Season ticket holder who publishes a wise-ass paper that bashes every slight mistake the team makes: Cajanek whips the box out the window on his way to Peoria.

I guess we'll have to wait and see how much more advice the Blues take from us this year, but so far I'm claiming the hand-delivered tickets, the death of the Ice Whores and last year's decision to start taking out full-page ads in the paper rather than have two inches of column space on Page 8.

Trust me, as more examples appear to me, I'll let you know. In the meantime, I'm on the front step full-time, just waiting on Cajanek to show.