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Home Opener Thread (And Bad News)

Erik, please drink your milk.

By Brad Lee

The 2007-08 home opener is tonight at the DrinkScotch Center. We'll be down there in force to partake in the revelry. Not even a hairline fracture to Erik Johnson can bring us down!

Ok, we're a little down. What the hell is up with the brittle defensemen on the Blues? Are they drinking enough milk? In the future, I hope the Blues try to avoid acquiring players that are lactose intolerant or have bones the consistency of paper mache'. Hopefully they wrap Lee Stempniak in bubble wrap for team flights to away games.

This is is for everyone who can't make it to downtown St. Louis tonight. Here's a preview to get educated since you're not buying Game Time (you can still subscribe by e-mail at a very reasonable cost!). Have at it in the comments.

Let's Go Blues!