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Special Friday Night Live Blog

Tonight's live blog will originate from here. Really.

By Brad Lee

Coming to you live from Sweden, it's the Friday Night Live Blog--Euro Style!

Seriously, the guy who will be breaking down the action and keeping the funny going on this here Web site will be watching the game live in Sweden. We're as shocked as you are. We're handing over the keys to this well-oiled machine to Marcus Pettersson who actually lives in Sweden. If you don't believe us, check out his own post about it. We promise hope it will be in English. We also hope to learn some new curse words in a language we know nothing about.

So come back tonight and either play along in real time in the comments or check it out after you get back from the game/bars/East Side. If you're funny, he may introduce you to a member of the Swedish Bikini Team.