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Avs vs Blues 10/12/07, Period 2

...and 15 years later he would have 6 assists and an own goal in 10 periods with the Blues.

Right! Second period coming up! Just to let you know, I don't get the same intermission reports as you guys. My TV's showing highlights from last nights game right now. Toronto giving it to the Isles. Man, they suck.

So, my predictions for this period: Kariya scores on a power play. Kariya fights John-Michael Liles. Kariya spits in Theodore's face and calles him a "pretty boy". Kariya passes Boyes on a 2-on-1. John Kelly explaines his gold-colored tie with the words, "I guess me and my wife have a lot more in common than you'd think", and Bernie Federko smiles and nods.

20:00 -- Here we go, period number two. Colorado on the power play. Ryan Smyth-Sakic-Stastny-Hejduk-Liles.

18:59 -- Get up, Jackman! GET UP! We can't afford you going down too. Toughen up, you sissy.

18:00 -- Nicely killed by the Blues. You see, if you take it nice and slow everything will turn out fine.

17: 02 -- Hejduk absolutely runs over Manny! Power Play Blues. Here we go, Kariya. This is your chance.

15:00 -- Blues didn't get anything going during that power play. Very disorganized. Gotta hand it to the Avs. They look strong defensively.

13:05 -- Lot of low-quality plays right now. Neither team seems to get anything going. Man, I wish that Stastny kid was a Blue.

12:32 -- Stastny out for tripping. Weight - DuPont - Tkachuk - Kariya - Rucinsky.

11:30 -- DuPont shoots! Sorry false alarm. Not even close.

Apparently, 19.150 in attendance.

9:10 -- Avs outshooting the Blues 6-1 now. You couldn't tell though. Both teams playing bad... wait a minute, is that Vito from the Sopranos? Are there Italian hockey fans?

7:49 -- Good hit by Weight behind the net trying to spice things up a little. Anyone seen Hinote yet? No?

6:38 -- Penalty to Colorado. Hooking on Guite. Here we go again. We want to see shots this time. Lots of 'em.

4:38 -- Killed once more. Some fairly good chances this time, though. Kariya really want a goal. He really goes for it. 1 shot on the power play.

3:20 -- McClement with a nice hustle. His linesmates have been invicible, so far.

2:51 -- Legace absolutely robs Milan Hlinka! Manny's looking real solid. Not a lot to do, but when they come, he's ready.

1:50 -- Holding penalty to Ryan Johnson. Pretty bad call if you ask me. What can you do when the other player locks you up?

0:28 -- Hejduk gets called on an interferance against Hinote. 4-on-4 the rest of the period.

There we go. Scoreless second period. The quality of play went down. Way down. The Avalanche outshooting the Blues 18-12. That's right, the Blues only got 2 shots on goal in the second. They really need to pick it up again. Where's the speed, the energy, the inspiration? Perron has played 8.21 minutes so far. He's been OK, not worse than anyone else, really.

New post for the third. Let's win this thing.