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Avs vs Blues 10/12/07, Period 3

Angry kid want's you to shoot the puck!

Last period, 4th game of the season, the DrinkScotch Center's sold out. Considering how the Blues have played in the last period in the prievious games, we might still come out of this thing on top. A lot of players really needs to pick up their game, though. Tkachuk, Rucinsky and Backes have all been pretty anonymous so far. Think they get yelled at in the locker room? Yea, me too.

Well, at least Detroit lost tonight. That's something to be happy about.

Would love to see Perron get a goal or an assist tonight. That would really get this kids confidence to shoot to the roof. On to the third. Let's Go Blues!

19:40 -- Ryan Johnson gets a breakaway! Dammit! No goal, he tried to go over the glove but Theodore got there. Nice chance and a good start to the third.

16:30 -- Apparently the Blues got penalized for something, I must have missed it. Maybe I shouldn't be drinking beers at 4.30 a.m. Nicely killed though.

15:03 -- McClement scores! After some chaos in front of Theodore, Jay gets it in the net on a rebound. Great stuff! 1st of the year for McClement. Blues lead 2-1.

14:00 -- What's happening?! Blues explode in the third! Hinote with a goal, Mayers with an assist. Ugly goal, sure, but oh, so lovely! 2 goals in 63 secs.

11:55 -- Perron almost gets a goal on a great pass from Rucinsky. Things are really looking better. What is it with the Blues and third periods?

8:39 -- Lots of play in the neutral zone for a while now.

8:00 -- Kariya with a breakaway, but no goal. He sure has gotten a lot of chances in this game. It would be nice to see him score one. He want's it. Look at him. He really want's it.

6:32 -- Ryan Smyth with a backhander that hit Legace's right post. Close, but no goal, Ryan. While your at it, get a haircut.

5:07 -- Boyes and Kariya on a 2-on-1. One of the Avs defenders got a stick on it.

4:01 -- Hinote with his second of the game! Perron got an assist. Atta boy! Welcome to the NHL! Ryan Johnson with the other assist. He's been good tonight. Good skater, great hair.

3:20 -- Mayers gets 2 mins for holding. Let's keep them out, team. The penalty kill has been great so far.

1:56 -- Legace robs Sakic! Manny's my hero, I'm naming my kid after him. What's his full name again? Emmanuel? Oh... nevermind.

That's it, St Louis win it 4-1! Two wins in two games in the DrinkScotch so far this season. Love it!

Blues goals: Boyes, McClement, Hinote 2
Blues assists: Tkachuk, Mayers, R Johnson, Perron, Kariya, Backes, Wagner

Well, I'm off to bed. Sweet dreams, for sure. Not only am I feeling a little drunk, which is always nice, I also got to see my favorite team win in front of a sell-out crowd. That's it for me, I really have to sleep. Bye bye now. Thanks for commenting, be sure to keep 'em coming. I'll read them later. This was fun. Next time I'll do it without the beer. Takes forever to spell right when your constantly burping. I'm out.