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Rivermen @ Houston, 2nd Period, 10-13-07

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The second period from the Toyota Center in Houston will be under way shortly... currently, Tom Callahan (Rivermen broadcaster) is interviewing Houston assistant coach Luke Strand, who was last seen playing for the Madison Monsters of the UHL in 1999.

Second period now under way.

1:00 2nd: Peoria now back at full strength; Whitfield and Kariya are buzzing around the Houston net.

3:59 2nd: The Rivermen are buzzing around in the Houston zone. First the Cajanek line (with Lemtyugov and Benson), and now the Whitfield line (with Kariya and Linglet) are putting a lot of pressure on the Aeros' goalie.

5:56 2nd: Porter is back in the penalty box for hooking; Houston going to their third PP. Elsewhere, the Rockford IceHogs (employer of Son of GTPD) are leading Iowa 6-2 after two periods.

7:46 2nd: Eric Reitz of the Aeros has been pushing and shoving all night; he just went after Martin Kariya, and Whitfield stepped up to protect Kariya. Reitz to the box, the Rivermen to a power play in 10 seconds.

10:40 2nd: Rivermen with no luck on the power play, but the hitting is picking up, on both sides. Aaron Mackenzie just wiped out an Aero trying to cut through the middle.

13:32: Glumac takes a goalie interference penalty; he went into the crease trying to pick up a rebound, and Schaefer went down like he'd been shot... (insert rolling eyes icon here).

Hmmm...Glumac's penalty, plus a pair on Houston (Rogers and Scott) for roughing. Rivermen are on power play number four. Whitfield, Kariya, Lemtyugov, Dupont and Cajanek on the power play... now Linglet comes on for Lemtyugov.

Rivermen outshooting Houston 29-12. Once again, though, the opposing goalie is doing his best Terry Sawchuk impression, just as Josh Tordjmann did last night for San Antonio.

After two periods, the score remains tied at 1-1. Peoria is outshooting Houston 29-18.

Well, folks, I have to get up at 3:00 for work in the morning, and it looks like I'm pretty much talking to myself here anyway. I'll update tomorrow with the final score and highlights.

Remember, "If we do not prepare for ourselves the role of the hammer, there will be nothing left but that of the anvil." Auf wiedersehen.