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You Wore What To The Blues Game?

By Brad Lee

Before we start this new series, an effort at full disclore.

Brad Lee owns a home clown-suit era Gretzky sweater. And a Chris Pronger from the year before the lockout. And he has an early 90s road sweater that would read Brendan Shanahan if someone had paid to put the letters and numbers on it. But Brad Lee doesn't wear any of these sweaters to a game anymore. It's just not Kosher.

Seriously, if your all-time favorite player was on the team in the mid to late 1980s or early 1990s (NO EXCUSE for still wearing the clown suit) and you still want to show your allegiance to this days-gone-by hockey warrior, fine. But at least make it a guy we can get behind.

Make it a cult hero like Harold Snepts. A John Davidson throwback is pretty cool to have right now. Bernie Federko will never go out of style (just be prepared to hear some cracks about his announcing) along with any other player whose number is retired. You can say, "Hey, this guy was good/special/important for the Blues during one of my favorite seasons. Lay off."

Then there are some sweater choices that are just plain loco. For example...


This blurry fellow (hey, you try taking covert photos of other guys at hockey games) is wearing an authentic (note the stitching on the elbows and the fight strap seams), signed Dennis Chasse sweater. Who is Dennis Chasse  you ask? He played 132 games in the NHL, 92 with the Blues from 1993-96, and scored 11 goals and 25 points. In other words, Dennis Chasse probably doesn't even own a signed, authentic Dennis Chasse sweater (but if he does and wore it to a game, that would be hilarious). But the above dude does, and he wore it to the 2007-08 home opener. Whatever it apparently keep from buying one of the new ones.

(Feel free to defend his fashion choice, or to recount some of the more unique ones you've seen recently in the comments.)