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Hallelujah, Jay McKee is Healed!

This may or may not be Jay Mckee

By Brad Lee

The following is an excerpt from Jay McKee's meeting with reporters after practice Tuesday...Â

"Thanks for everyone praying for my quick recovery. I'm happy to announce that I will be back in the lineup Wednesday night in Chicago.

"I know I've missed a few games since I signed with the team, but I assure you, I do not have osteoporosis. Granted, I don't really like the taste of milk, but I don't think that's related to these freak injuries whatsoever. When you play a physical game and block shots like I do, you're bound to get dinged up. And despite the fact that Erik Johnson broke his foot in his first regular season game and Eric Brewer sprained some facial muscles the other day smiling and Al MacInnis' career was cut short by a freak injury and Chris Pronger almost died on the ice and had to have experimental surgery on his wrist to keep playing, the Blues defensemen are not cursed. At least we hope not.

"Personally, I feel like my health has really turned the corner since seeing a new specialist. I feel really blessed to have been treated by him. I'm handing out a picture to all the reporters of him doing his wonderful work. He might be the only one who can keep me healthy."