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Blues At Blackhawks 2nd Period

I love crying Indians

By Brad Lee

We were blessed with a new commenter in the first period thread. He explained the middle "W" in William W. Wirtz.

Raskolnikov Says:

William Wadsworth Wirtz.
Thanks. And check out his tastefully-titled blog. A wordsmith after our own hearts. Jason Williams now has the Blackhawks goal.

18:04 There's lots of choppy play. Not much rythm either way. And now they're interviewing Eric Brewer in the booth. He sounds lifless, joyless even. And now the Blues are celebrating thinking there's a goal.

AND THEY'RE REVIEWING IT. Federko sounds thrilled.

"It would be tit for tat if they gave this to the Blues." -- Federko. Can you say that on the FSN?

No goal. Someone please give Brewer some coffee please. No wonder the guy never smiles.

17:05 Turgeon, I mean McKee, two minutes for putting his shoulder in front of a guy. Brewer is ENRAGED. Fired up. Yelling! (or he could be talking in the same monotone the whole time; it's hard to tell)

15:30Â Too many Hawks on the ice. And now they're showing the Chicago goal for like the 112th time. And they didn't even show a zoom in on Toews' stick. Nice work, morons.

15:05 About 90 seconds on the power play for the Blues. And Tkachuk put a weak, I mean soft shot past Khabibulin. He'll be crying in his borsch over that one tonight.

12:30 "yea first period comment. oh well. the bloody freaking hawks played the gary glitter song during the bleeping 20 minute replay turned goal situation." -- commenter Childhood Trauma. We don't have a huge issue with Rock n Roll Vol. 2. Granted, he got caught having sex with underage girls in Southeast Asia. It's still the quintessential arena rock song of our time. Thoughts?

10:40 Stempniak JUST missed on a 3-2. For once we totally agree with Federko that the Blues are nearly perfect on the transition tonight.

"'the Blues are 2 for 2 on the power play' sounds so sweet in my ears." -- commenter Dooks. Just think, you type that a year ago and you would have been referred to Alcoholics' Anonymous for counseling.

9:08 Salvador in the box for interference. Jay McKee is talking to Danny Mac on the bench. We were hoping Danny didn't accidently hit him with the microphone breaking his nose.

7:55 Martin Rucinsky is killing penalties. Andy Murray is just showing off now.

5:42 Robert Lang had the Hawks' first good chance in several minutes with a give and go with Williams. Legace was not amused. Right now, he's the most confident looking goalie wearing the Blue Note since Grant Fuhr.

Hawks chairman Rocky Wirtz is in the stands talking to a fan who is wearing a cowboy hat. Unoriginal bastards.

4:00 Salvador is now pinching in on the offensive zone. Easy now, big fella. Don't get carried away.

Anybody think it's odd that Kane is wearing No. 88? That didn't seem to work out that well the last time the No. 1 overall pick chose that number.

2:40 Nonchalant kick save by Legace. Look at the replay. He just calmly kicked out.

"Let’s say that two years ago you were writing a fictional hockey book. Wouldn’t the villain’s name be Rocky Wirtz?

Seriously, it’s gotta be close." -- commenter Gallagher. How about Rocky Konstantinov?

3-1 Blues after two periods. We'll have a new thread up in a few minutes.