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Blues At Blackhawks 3rd Period

burn baby burn

By Brad Lee

Like the great Chicago fire, the Blackhawks' chances of winning this game are going up in smoke. And no, we're not overconfident at all when the Hawks are outshooting them 23-17 through two periods and have had four power plays compared to the Blues' two. Scoreboard, baby.

Keep the comments coming fast and furious.

19:05 Kane had 16 shifts and 16 minutes of ice time the first two periods. He'll be well above 20 minutes for the game, pretty rare for an 18 year old rookie forward. Does that mean the rest of the Hawks forwards suck? (rhetorical question)

17:40 Another nice save by Legace. Sergei Samsonov is a Blackhawk? They spend so little money on free agents and they spent money on him? Seriously? Bill Wirtz would have a heart attack if he could.

15:55 The Blues are happy to clear the puck and get a quick change it seems like every shift right now. A three goal lead is not a bad thing, Andy Murray. And the dozens of Hawks fans in attendance start to grumble.

"speaking of ads, has anyone seen the billboards featuring emmanuel legace? there’s one on my way to work. just wondering about your reactions." -- commenter Jessica. Haven't seen one yet. What do they look like? And nice use of the word Emmanuel.

 13:45 Anticlimactic fight with Jamal Mayers and Wisniewski (who has a dumb looking tribal arm band tattoo). Jammer took a few punches and then had the takedown. And then for some reason, Federko said this:

"Everything is firing on eight cylanders for the Blues." Ok.

11:50 We have a D.J. King sighting. Good to see he made the flight after all.

"Next season, a whole new No. 2 lines for the Blues. My crystal ball says T. J. Oshie centering David Perron and Patrik Berglund." -- commenter John. Whoa. Let's stick with this year. But to be honest, the GT Prospect Department has that wet dream every night.

10:26 Stempniak two minutes for being awesome. We laugh at the Blackhawks power play at this point.

8:34 Successful penalty kill. Last week at the home opener, there was a special fan sitting behind us who would start to count down the penalties from 10. At zero, he'd say "Successful penalty kill for the Blues. Yeah!" And if the Blues were on the power play, "And the penalty is killed off. Come on Blues!" It was annoying and then almost endearing.

And we officially love comments about players leaving, um, stuff on the ice.

7:30 The BLues are just letting time slip away and the Hawks can't generate any pressure at all.

6:45 The new space-aged road whites aren't that bad on TV. You can hardly see the yellow piping and the dark Blue pants hide the fact that there are no stripes at the bottom. Still don't like the home sweaters.

And the two Jamal Mayers (the black one and the white one) somehow get an awkward looking two on one and don't score. Shocking, we know. Remember when the Blues had the Euro Jamal Mayers last year too? Good times. Good times.

"By the way, is there already a “Hinote’s Army”? If not, that’s a natural since he went to West Point and all." -- commenter Gallagher. Huh? West Point has hockey? Is it as shitty as the football team?

2:00 and all we've been able to think about the last 10 minutes of game time has been about how big a test Minnesota is on Saturday night. They haven't lost in regulation yet this year.

1:12 Patrick Kane, two minutes for letting Martin Rucinsky hook his stick with his hand and drawing a penalty. You can bring out the zamboni. Seriously, while the players are on the ice. It won't matter and could be like the new Stanford band highlight clip.

And that's the game.

"Brad Lee invented the Internet." -- commenter Gallagher. Actually Brad Lee invented the Interwebs. Big difference.

We couldn't end it any better:

bluetransplant Says:

McKee’s consecutive game streak stands at 1!!!!!
Thanks for keeping us company. Blues are on fire. Come back for more content between now and Saturday. Should be a helluva game vs. Minnesota.