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Goodbye Petr Cajanek

 By Marcus Pettersson

Leave already!

News out of Peoria: Petr Cajanek's off to Russia.

That's right, soft skinned Petr Cajanek finally gets to stop constantly riding his truck between Peoria and St Louis. He has a longer drive ahead of him. The Russian Super League team Ak Bar Kazan (bless you!) and Petr the Not-So-Great has made a verbal deal, and Cajanek was scratched from the Rivermen's home game against Quad City last night because of it.

Surprisingly, Petr Cajanek's 4 year stint with the Blues actually looks kind of OK. Statistically, that is.
G 46
A 107
P 153

As soon as last year, he somehow managed to gather 48 points in 71 games. But by most Blues fans, Cajanek won't be remembered for any of those points. If he will be remembered at all, it will be for his inability to show up for games, showing some heart, being the standout player he's always had enough talent to be and his apparent lack of charisma. He got paid $2 million a year for God's sake! Is it really to much to ask that a $2 million player at least tries to do something on the ice?

So instead of sticking it out in the minors, Cajanek bolts for Russia. Who can blame him? He was waived again and again by the Blues - no other team wanted anything to do with him. Even Sloth from The Goonies would catch the drift. Not wanted. Bye bye.

No one knows if Cajanek will be able to muster up some personality for his new team. And no one cares. We're just glad to get rid of the wiener.