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Reason #768 Why Goalies Are Stupid

What's up Answer Nation. Your beloved Answer Man got back on the ice today. First time since I broke Lighting (my left arm) on June 2nd. I went to stick and puck at lowly Creve Coeur rink today. Felt great. Actually, I felt unstoppable. Skating is rusty but I was cranking Answer Shots all over the place.

There was a goalie there. He was a piece too. He had been out there maybe 10 minutes so I felt like he was warmed up enough. So I headed down there to pepper him with a few. I wound up and cranked one upper left corner. He immediately starts complaining that he didn't know which puck I was going to shoot. The only other puck in the area might have been 5 feet away. I asked him, "What did you say? I can't believe you are even speaking. No one spoke to you." Then he says, "What's the deal, I didn't know what puck you were going to shoot." My answer was, "OK, how about next time I point it out, ask you if it is OK and I shoot at your head. Shut up and get back in your net you idiot." He didn’t' have anything else to say.

A few minutes later, I pointed one out and said, "Hey, is this one OK to shoot or should I pick a different one?" I didn't wait for an answer, I just shot it at his throat protector. He was not happy but he realized he was out of his league with me.

Stupid goalie.....