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Radio Only Games Bite

Time for the game blog. no one started one, most peoiple are at the game, those who are not are likely listening to radio, I do have center ice so I'm watching it on a 2 inch screen (don't ask me how i measured it).

1st intermission.

do goons get a day with the cup too?

1st period has come and gone can't really live blog it. No score. A fight (parros v. king). An elbow thrown at andy mcdonald that these center ice guys are still harping on (jackman threw it, king and parros discussed it for 5 minutes). Perron is dressed [is not dressed ]but if he has seen ice, i havent seen it and center ice has him with no time [center ice is just listed him on the game stat sheet for no reason, scratch rob niedemeyer is also listed-- go figure]. jammers: hands of stone- showed why he may have some goals, but he aint a scorer as he missed an open net. Other good chance was by Stempniak. Jackman (and his elbow) played 9:21 of the first and leads the blues but is like a minute less than the ducks d-man (not pronger who played less) but beachemin.

don't forget... cheer pronger!!

secnd period

blues get first real chance. kt misses a tip in then hits the side of the net

ducks score (being reviewed) basically a bad angle shot hits jackman's stick, may have also hit a duck, definately in the net. Once again legace beat by his own team. Huskins took original shot that has yet to officially be scored as his goal or merely his assist

win a fight, get second line ice time, king hinote and weight trying to counter after the goal and the blues give up another odd man rush (pronger fans on tough angle shot)

jammer, ryan johnson and rucsnsky throw out as an energy line, keep puck deep in ducks zone. can't score. will be interesting to see if dj and martin are swapped for more than just one shift

blues tie it. Blues win faceoff deep in ducks zone, mckee throws puck to front of duck net, bounces off duck d-man to kt, who buries it.

wow just wow, immediately after goal walker v moen. long fight. walker without helment. walker eventually gets a takedown.

two of tonights battlers chose different opponents tonight

wow part two: Blues power play. Glass falls out so a slight delay in the middle of the power play. Blues had great possesion but had been kept outside with actual shots, then Paul Kariya, from fairly well out on the right side, lazered a shot through j.s. might have hit someone on way in. but blues take lead at just about the halfway point of the game! Brad Boyes was the screen this time. we will see if he gets credit for touching the puck, if not he certainly the reason js could not stop it

score a goal, have a fight

jackman vs brad may

nothing but bombs being throw, one after the other. Jackman got hit solid once, but threw his share and it is May headed to the dressing room. jackman headed to blues dressing room. Jackman may be cut, blood on the ice. May was having a hand problem

dj king blasts duck player, beachemin. he is bleeding on the bench. fight almost breaks out but since dj king and backes are both on the ice the ducks backed off.

huskings leads a dangerous rush with under 5 minutes left in period. blues survive. Ducks losing the battle of attritition with Getzlaf not playing now.

blues counter with two scoring chances.

late blues power play. blues immediately score. Great set up pass by kariya after a face off win. Boyes has open net. KT was running interference. If boyes ends up uncredited with last powerplay gaol. this is the payback. great work by the entire power play unit on what might be a set play and Brad gets the freebie..

 Ducks score. get within one. ducks come wide to manny's right and toss the puck on net, legace stops the shot but leaves a fat rebound and mowers gets the tap in. mowers left wide open. legace lets in a goal he definately could have prevented with a more solid initial save

blues on another powerplay that might last through the end of the period.